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Eye Examination

We provide the highest quality eye care inclusive of routine eye exams, vision exams, eye health testing, the detection and treatment of eye disorders and eye diseases.

Contacts Lenses

Our doctors, specialize in fit cases and utilize a corneal Topographer. Topographer gives us a color scale map similar to ground map that pilots use when flying.

Glaucoma Detection

Glaucoma is an eye disease resulting in the death of optic nerve fibers that eventually results in the loss of vision and if not detected early and treated results in blindness.

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Welcome to Requis Eye Care. Seeing 20/20 doesn’t necessarily mean your eyes are healthy. Many eye problems can only be detected during a thorough eye exam. Our eye doctors use innovative diagnostic equipment to detect even the smallest changes in your vision and eye health. We will evaluate your risk factors for diseases of the eye. It’s important to know that diseases of the eye can also be an indicator of general health issues.

You do not have to compromise style for functionality. Regardless of your visual requirements, our collection of designer frame eyeglasses and sunglasses will allow you to see great, look great and feel great. We have premium frames to fit every budget. Come in and let us help you express your personal style.

Requis Eye Care just expanded and moved from the second floor of its present address to the ground floor. We equally expanded our processes and gotten new and modern computerized equipment and also opened another branch in the heart of Victoria Island to serve you better.